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Resource Augmentation


Organizations are increasingly investing in digitization projects. For the success of these projects, it’s essential that skilled resources are available.

While large organizations have teams that can fulfill most of the needs, there are times when the work goes beyond the existing team.

There is a major demand for RPA & AI skills and if they are not on-boarded in time, it can lead to project cost overruns



At Navrik, we realize the importance of onboarding skilled resources with a low TAT hence we’ve developed an in-house job and learning platform Practiwiz.


The uniqueness of the platform is that the training courses are developed from our practical project experience. After completion of training, candidates can also apply for jobs.


Our database comprises skilled and experienced resources that can be on-boarded quickly. We offer flexible models to onboard resources.


RPA & AI Resources trained on practical projects can be hired. We also cater to organizations in different time zones such as the US, UK, Australia, and Middle-East.

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