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Industry Focus

RPA as a technology solution has applications across practically all industries. However, it's wider scope is in verticals that have complex IT systems and business processes.Applying RPA in these industries requires an understanding of the underlying business drivers and processes.

In our implementation model, we lay emphasis on developing resource capabilities around the industry domain. This is done by hiring experienced resources and by imparting extensive training covering nuances of the domain.

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British Pound Coins
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In Banking, our expertise lies in the Retail Banking and select areas of corporate banking such as Cash Management. In these areas there is immense scope of introducing efficiencies through transferring repetitive and rule based tasks to software BOTs.

Few processes in the Banking space which can be automated are :- Credit Decisioning, KYC, Customer On-boarding, Receivables management, Financial Supply Chain Management etc.

Insurance as an Industry has a high scope of deriving benefits from RPA solutions because of the plethora of repetitive processes that exist in the business operations.

Freeing up resources from these tasks will allow businesses to achieve higher scalability and customer satisfaction with RPA capabilities such as OCR, 

We are an IT Solutions start-up born with the passion to deliver innovative solutions

When the idea of germinating a company started, we found that there two themes that we were most passionate about as professionals.


The first was striving for innovation in whatever we do and second was working with people who bring to the table, an unrelenting zeal and attitude to deliver solution

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