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"Whole is greater is than the sum of parts"-Aristotle


Founder and CEO

Tarun, a passionate technologist and innovator, has excelled in large enterprises and startups, delivering results across various IT functions. From IT application delivery to consulting and solution sales, he demonstrates versatility and expertise.
Tarun firmly believes in leveraging innovation to drive superior value for both customers and organizations, embodying a commitment to excellence in every endeavor.


Intelligent Automation Developer

Navya is a talented Intelligent Automation Developer who excels in leveraging technology to streamline processes and drive efficiency. With expertise in programming and automation tools, she designs customized solutions to optimize workflows and reduce manual effort. Navya's attention to detail and commitment to continuous improvement ensure high-quality, scalable automation solutions that enhance productivity and support business growth.


Intelligent Automation Consultant

As an Intelligent Automation Consultant, Darshan brings a wealth of experience in understanding complex business challenges and crafting customized automation solutions. With a robust background in technology and business analysis, he excels in recommending and implementing optimal solutions. Darshan's focus on delivering results-driven automation strategies empowers businesses to thrive in today's dynamic landscape, driving efficiency and innovation.


Co-Founder and Technical Lead

Mahesh Bhandari, our innovative Co-Founder and Technical Lead, drives our dynamic team forward. With a sharp focus on detail and a passion for cutting-edge technology, Mahesh ensures our technical initiatives align with our vision. His expertise in software development and strong leadership propel us towards excellence, while his dedication to staying ahead of industry trends inspires and mentors our team, fostering continued success in technology.

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