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"Whole is greater is than the sum of parts"-Aristotle


Tarun Gautam

Founder and CEO

A Passionate Technologist and Innovator, Tarun, has worked in large enterprises as well as start-ups and delivered results practically across the entire gamut of IT functions from delivery of IT applications, IT consulting and solution sales.

He's a firm believer in using innovation as a lever to drive superior value for customers and firms alike.


Niraj Verma

Advisor-Partnerships & BFSI

In his professional experience spanning 30 years, Niraj, has worn several hats such as Banker, Core-Banking Designer and Ideator. His unique blend of business and technology experience allows him to identify future trends and opportunities for technologists.

He is passionate about building start-ups and at Navrik provides mentorship to the team.


Timothy Nyaga Mwaniki

Principal Consultant, Transaction Banking Automation Practice

Superb project leadership, solution design and business process understanding abilities with stakeholder management skills with strong bias and skills in the financial and technology sectors.

Proven problem solving and analytical thinking skills, very fast learner and agility to adapt to institutional and industry trends


Nirdesh Malik

Advisor-Business Strategy

As an experienced Global Business Leader with a background in developing businesses across Banking and FMCG, Nirdesh, has launched & managed three large Finance Companies and was a senior member of the founder team at Barclays Bank, India.

At Navrik he is advising the team on business strategy and product development.


Rakesh Sampath

Assistant Consultant-RPA & AI Center of Excellence

Passionate about delivering technology solutions in the new digital world, Rakesh, is the go-to-guy in the team all things RPA. He has already built innovative process automation solutions for multiple industry verticals.

He is responsible for implementing RPA solutions and Identifying automation usecases across business processes.

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