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Terms and conditions for Navrik Software's $100 gift card offer May 2023

Incorporate a product/service that helps you save time and money and get rewards for the same.


How it works:

Once you show interest in Navrik Software, we will confirm a demo/meeting time with you. During the demo/meeting, we will walk you through the product/services and how Navrik Software can help your business with you solves business challenges.

We will give an Amazon gift card worth $100 to compensate your time if you feel the meeting was not worth it or we have wasted your time.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The company for which you are taking the demo should be a legal entity and you must be an active employee and a decision-maker of the company.

2. Only one reward per company can be awarded. This means that even if more than one person from a company is attending the demo, the reward is only for one person.

3. The reward is applicable only for qualified leads- Where qualified leads apply to companies that are - Private limited, Public limited, LLC, LLP only.

4. The reward is applicable only for companies having more than 1000 employees on (LinkedIn). If company size is less than `1000, the reward is still applicable but will be be appllied as a credit payment against PoC trial with Navrik Software.

5. The reward is only for new companies and not for existing Navrik Software clients.

6. This $100 Gift Card is available only to verified business decision-makers or influencers – Including (but not limited to) owners, founders, administrators, controllers, C-level executives, VPs/Directors/Managers, and other senior roles that can help implement or recommend a solution like Navrik Software.

7. Navrik Software solely has the right to decide whether a prospect or company is entitled to the reward, and has the full discretion to put down the program at any time without any prior notice to anyone.

8. In case of any false information/illegitimacy of data submitted, Navrik Software has the right to turn down the offer for you.

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