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For a prominent manufacturing firm we developed a attended BOT that significantly reduced constant manual intervention of 3 to 4 hours daily by synchronizing the process between ERP & Tally

The Challenge

A prominent manufacturing firm manufactures several hardware parts for it’s customers across the globe.

They have a network of distributors that book orders from customers on their Dealer Management System that is linked to the ERP.

Issue is that the ERP system and the Tally are not system integrated as a result of which financial data is synced manually

Syncing the data manually leads to loss of 5 to 6 hours of man-hours every day

This prevents distributors from booking orders leading to loss of business.

Business Values

The BOTs delivered tremendous business value by automating the entire process from receiving emails to syncing data.

As a result of the data syncing across systems, the employees were able to direct their efforts towards more productive projects.

The BOT solution generated notifications that provided status of the bot run on a daily basis. 

The users even got notifications about data issues in the ERP which they were able to resolve.

After the solution, the users can relax knowing that the BOTs will complete the data sync enabling business continuity.

The Solution

An Attended Bot was developed that is triggered run every 30 minutes.

The BOT will monitor a mail box for incoming files from the factory.

Once the files are received the BOT processes them and feeds them into the home grown EFP system.

This part of the solution involved automating over 20-25 steps and logic built to manage different messages thrown by the ERP system.

The BOT then processes the files in Tally

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