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Team Navrik developed BOTs that eliminated errors in the last mile processing thereby significantly improving the customer satisfaction for this leading US Based Tax Consulting firm.


Keeping customers delighted is by far the most enduring challenge any organization can face. For this large India-based Tax consulting firm with a US customer base this was no different. 

The rapid growth in business volumes to 30 to 40 K annually coupled with the need for customers to receive timely information was causing the existing business processes to creak.

The leadership team concluded that the only way to solve the problem was to replace mundane human tasks with Robotic Process Automation.


The customer entrusted Navrik to deliver automation of it’s Tax upload process for it's 30K customers. 

Navrik Team quicky understood the US Taxation process and started development in Agile mode. Owing to the source system's complexities, the BOTs had to handle several challenging exceptions. Additionally, since the US tax filing process has a deadline so the team had to ensure all the customer's returns are filed before that.

Team Navrik built an excellent rapport with the collaborated with the customer's team and pushed itself hard to ensure deliveries were made before time.


The RPA solution delivered on the Automation Anywhere Platform was designed such that the volumes were distributed across multiple BOTs. This ensured all the records for the day were processed in time and exceptions were diverted to the business teams to handle.

The value for the business team was that the entire process was carried with 6 sigma precision and one-third TAT.

The most satisfying part was when their management team gave us the feedback that this project delivered the highest ROI for them. Well for us this was all in a day's work, after all that's our vision - to  deliver high ROI for customer's technology investment.

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