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NavBot- Credit Bureau Extractor


Business Problem

Nowadays, There is a huge increase number of strict regulations and requirements in Financial Institutions where there is need to Evaluation of a customer for lending money gets more and more complex and it demands qualified staff and greater complexity of tasks and procedures from collecting required documents from customer to extracting data from the document manually, thus it all lead to human errors, high consumption of time and resources.

Business Challenges

Large volumes of Loan Applicants

Highly Manual & repetitive

 Customer dissatisfaction

What does the Credit Bureau Extractor do?

This Software robot named Credit Bureau Scrapper Bot performs dynamic OCR operations on the Credit Bureau documents which is semi-structured and converts into Structured Dataset in Microsoft excel and Uploads to the Qlik Sense server for better visualization of the Data that is been extracted by the Bot.


Improved Turn-Around-Time

Ability to handle the increased transactional volume

Reduction in cost of operation

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