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NavBot - Data Synchronization


Business Problem

Every manufacturing firm manufactures several products for its customers across the globe and will have a network of distributors that book orders from customers on their Dealer Management System which is linked to the ERP. Each dealer is provided with a  Credit Line which if it is outstanding they are not allowed to book orders. This led to an issue that the ERP system and the Tally are not systems integrated as a result of which financial data is synced manually Syncing the data manually leads to a loss of 5 to 6 hours of man-hours every day This prevents distributors from booking orders leading to loss of business.

Business Challenges

Shortage of man power

Increase in Backlogs

Data Accuracy issues

What does the Synchronization Bot do?

This software robot named will perform 2 Processes such as Data Synchronization from Head office to Factory and Data Synchronization between Factory to Head Office. This Synchro Bot helps in keeping track of various internal documents of the respective company in order to synchronize.


No Delays in Synchronizing Data

High Employee Satisfaction

High Operational Efficiency

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