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NavBot - ChatGPT BOT


Business Problem

ChatGPT by Microsoft's OpenAI has revolutionized the way we create content and generate insghts. ChatGPT has a host of functionalities that deliver immense value to businesses, however, to use them effectively intermediate applications are required. The ChatGPT NavBot provides a bridge between your business application and ChatGPT. So whether you are creating content using ChatGPT, searching for information or formatting data; the ChatGPT NavBot allows you to make the most out of ChatGPT. 

The various business applications of ChatGPT bot are: Customer support automation, Document processing and analysis, HR and recruitment, etc.   

Business Challenges

Error Handling of ChatGPT

Repetitive Tasks 

Defining prompt for ChatGPT

Example of what does the ChatGPT Bot does?

This software robot named ChatGPT Bot uses ChatGPT which helps in converting a resume into professional resume from different types of resume formats. It fetches the resumes from email and send the prompt to ChatGPT to create response with copy button and save the response in word file.


Helps in HR and recruitment process

Reduction in Manual Efforts

Grammar and Language Correction

Formatting Assistance

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