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NavBot - US 1040 Tax processing


Business Problem

35000 to 40000 end customers of CPA Firms were expecting their client copies to be received after processing. However operations team in Ao Tax comprised of 30-40 people was not able to deliver it in time, Approximately 8-10 % of errors have experienced while processing. This led to customer dissatisfaction.

Business Challenges

Highly Manual & Repetitive

High in volume and time consuming

Operational Effieciency Risk

What does the US 1040 Tax Bot do?

This software robot named US 1040 Tax Bot created with Automation Anywhere basically has three functionalities

Preparation Phase

Preparing Tax Return for the client

Final Upload Phase

Sending the Acknowledgment to the customer

Filing Phase

Filing the Tax Return & Transmitting it to IRS

Extension Handling

Handling Tax Extension scenarios


Cost Reduction

Efficiency and Quality

High Operational Efficiency

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